Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nutrition in meals

Beside you aware or alert your body condition regarding sickness you need to alert your nutrient as well, how about amount of fatty ingredient, fibres,vitamins and etc..your colon health also put into amount,you should drink a dietry milk such as highlow content ( high in protein and low in fat ),cultured milk or pasteurised .( like vitagen ) because it rich in good bacteria to keep your colon clean and healthy by dimishing the bad bacteria. Try to choose food that rich in fibres and comply with piramid system.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Subject of health

Due to so many disorder of health in this world maybe you ever pass by of some kind of diseases,to know their symptom,to diagnose,treatment to apply,medicine to seek and others.If we say about health maybe we will seek the subject like :
- Human body - Mental - Mouth and Dental - Digestive - Liver and Gallbladder
- Drugs - Kidney and urinary - Nutrition and metabolism - Cancer - Immune
- Heart and Blood - Infections - Ear, Nose and Throat - Eye - Men's Health -Woman Health
- Lungs and Airway disorder -Children Health - Accident and injuries - Medical test
- Bone, joint and muscle

So you are free to ask and seek others in this blog, i will contribute by finding the best sources and give the information for your healthcare. Just mention ones and the info will get to you. What is the best i will do that i can help and give best contribution on health for you guys. The information you asked for will try to publish in a day or two. Anyway do not hesitation to share in here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

High Blood peeping on you

If you feel uncomfortable lately in your stiffness some parts of your joint..dizzy sometimes..tiredness..and lite of a lost appetite.,beware maybe the symptoms of getting blood pressure eyeing on you..start checking your cholestrol level..less intake of your salt.,exercise regularly and check your blood pressure beside your sugar level. Start taking healthy food,pick more vegetables in meals.That is for today..

Monday, May 28, 2007

Before facing sick

Be healthy and tiptop heatlh awareness are the best medication what people serching to..before we fall sick we should consult so many doctor, pharmacist and other specialist to look into..and what are the precaution we should take... ,how about food, nutrition intake, vitamin,minerals, many facts are inclusively take into amount. Being obesity,high cholestrol are the fear subject we badly known..but still we cannot avoid if we still let our body in static gymnase,jogging,and so what are the best make us alert.