Monday, April 21, 2008

ARTHRITIS - To control it

Joints and bones are very important structures in the human body. The physical activity of every individual is dependent on the proper functioning of the joints and bones. Therefore, in order to produce strong and healthy bones, from the early days of pregnancy and the birth and the growth of a child till the whole life, a balance source of calcium, iron, proteins and carbohydrates are recommended by experts and doctors.

However, deficiency of these elements in human body results to serious bone disorders and various chronic joint problems for instance, arthritis that damages the functioning of the bones and joints of individuals.

Arthritis - A Serios Bone Disorder

Basically arthritis is a very serious bone disorder, which can result into the swelling and pain in the joints. Consequently, a person starts loosing its ability to work and act according to his desires. Since, arthritis is a very chronic bone disorder but it does not come into notice at its early stages.

However, the various symptoms of arthritis include the swelling of the joints, stiffness and sometimes pain. Moreover, the pain related to arthritis is not a continuous and all time pain. Where some patients of arthritis feel constant pain in their joints while other feel pain some times.

Various Types Of Arthritis

Since human body consists of various joints, therefore, arthritis can be on any of these joints. However, the symptoms and causes of arthritis vary from joint to joint.

Therefore, arthritis could be of any type, which includes the shoulder joint, elbow joint, hip joint, wrist joint, knee joint and ankle joint as well as foot joint. For instance the causes of shoulder arthritis is related to a special kind of arthritis known as “Osteoarthritis”, where the causes of osteoarthritis is not necessary due to any injury to the shoulder, as it does not bare any weight of the body.

The basic cause leading to shoulder arthritis is any injury occurring to the shoulder bone and shoulder joints. However, failure in the easy and active movement of the shoulder identifies the future threat of shoulder arthritis.

On the other hand, arthritis related to the hip joints is resulted out of other causes. Amongst the two major causes of hip arthritis, the most common cause is the replacement of hip joint also known as the wear and tear arthritis.

However, the wearing and tearing of the hip from the actual joint may also be caused due to the genetically inherited capacity of an individual. Moreover, experts also identify vascular necrosis to be another important and serious causes leading to the degeneration of the hip joint. On the other hand, it is also observed that various abnormalities during the child hood period in relation to the hip joint may also cause the wearing of the hip joint, which results to the hip arthritis.

Since arthritis pain is caused due to different reasons like the swelling of the joint tissues as well as the tendons or ligament muscles get exhausted and feel strain. At the same time the nature and causes of pain of arthritis is different in every individual, which depend upon the activities and life styles of every individual. Therefore, one cannot blame any one source to be the cause of arthritis pain.

However, different individuals experience different emotional as well as physical effects due to the chronic pain of arthritis. For instance some patients’ get depressed and experience hypersensitivity, some people experience extreme anxiety and some only suffer the physical pain of arthritis.

Treatments For Arthritis

So in order to manage and control the pain of arthritis, one should evoke its will power and be willing to cooperate the doctor for the treatment. With out the patient’s mental and emotional involvement and cooperation, the physician cannot alone do any effective treatment for arthritis. Therefore, from the initial stage of the treatment to the complete cure of the problem, the patient needs to fully cooperate with its physician and follow the various instructions of the doctor.

Therefore, it is recommended individuals identifying any of the symptoms of the various kinds of arthritis, to consult a professional or physician or any medical expert in the field of treating arthritis with out wasting any time.

Though the treatment of arthritis and controlling as well as managing the pain of arthritis is not possible to achieve by the doctors effort alone and requires the active participation of the patient as well.

But at the same time, in order to achieve more successful results while managing and controlling arthritis, one should consult a physician as soon he/she identifies any of the symptoms of the problems because delay might further the complications.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


While every one wants to stay healthy and remain fit, yet they do not know exactly what to do to maintain good health. Very often there are people do not even know what they have to do in order to remain healthy. Some people believe that excessive eating can keep them in good shape and thus they eat as much as they can to be called healthy.

Due to this, people end up eating too much to remain healthy, not realizing that they may be consuming lots of the foods that are bad for them. The result of this overeating is obesity.

What is Obesity?

Obesity can be defined as, the condition of being obese or increased body weight caused by excessive accumulation of fat.

Obesity is a very unhealthy condition. This condition is marked by an excess amount of fat in the adipose tissues of the skin.

How Can You Become Obese?

Obesity is the result of eating too much of the wrong foods or eating well and not exercising enough. Eating too much and not exercising can have severe consequences. It can cause overweight or a severe condition known as obesity. It cannot be denied that exercise and a healthy diet go hand in hand.

If you have a big appetite but do not exercise regularly, there is every chance that you would become obese.

What Makes You Look Obese?

The amount of excessive fat in the body becomes evident after a short time. Waist line, thighs and arms are the main areas where fats deposits are visible. When one actually begins to take on a different style of walking that is really noticeable, it can be said that this individual is obese.

There are medical techniques too that can measure the amount of fat in skin as well determine obesity. However, it does not need a medical method to diagnose obesity. It becomes obvious when one’s figure is totally out of proportion.

Obesity & Overweight

A step or two lower than obesity is overweight. This condition also involves excessive weight gain. However, this situation is not as bad as obesity. It is because overweight can be controlled by cutting down on far and dieting. Exercise too is great help.

However, obesity is a very different situation and requires much more effort in order to reduce weight.

Estimating Your Health

Obesity is most apparent from the body structure and the measurement of an individual. Thus, obesity can be estimated from the exceeding waistlines and growing size of clothing. Keeping this in mind, health professionals advice that more than 40 inches or 102 cm for men is a sign of obesity. In women, waistline more than 35 inches or 88 cm is dangerous.

Obesity is not a healthy body condition. Growing weight and accumulating fat in the body can also cause dangerous health conditions like high blood pressure and heart problems. Thus, obesity is best avoided and exercise is recommended to stay fit.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


To reduce the risk of diseases and illnesses, regular physical activity is one of the most important things. Physical activity helps in maintaining a healthy physique, controlling weight and strengthening the muscles, bones and joints. However, physical activity should be carefully planned keeping in mind the age of the individual.

Any activity that includes physical movement of the body and helps to maintain fitness level can be referred as physical activity. Regular physical activity improves your health as it can help in prevention of diseases such as blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

It is not true that physical activity means all work and no play; it can be made interesting by introducing the activities you enjoy and can carry out easily. Physical activity should be planned on daily or regular basis.

Various Types of Physical Activity

Physical activity can be chosen according to your age and taste. It can be anything from swimming to cycling on a stationary bike. It can also be taking a long and brisk walk or lifting weights as well as playing games such as badminton or baseball.

Physical Activity in Daily Life

It is very convenient to follow a regular physical activity routine in your daily life. In can be adapted according to the environment in which you live.

At Home

  • For people who stay at home, it is convenient and easy to work out. Exercise can be combined with other activities as well such as watching TV or talking on the phone.
  • Do the housework yourself, instead of hiring others to do it.
  • Take a short walk before every meal. Start with 5 to 10 minutes and work up to more.
  • Take a short walk inside your house for getting or placing things.
  • Take a short walk to nearby places or shops instead of driving.
  • Walk the dog.

At Office

Try to avoid sitting on your seat all day long. Try to include some physical activity in your schedule or spent some time walking around.

  • Stand while talking on the phone.
  • Take stairs instead of elevators.
  • Walk down to office instead of using the phone.
  • Get off the bus at a block before yours and walk home.
  • Take a walk during the lunch hour, before or after lunch.

How to Arrange Physical Activity

Physical activity can be arranged in form of play and recreation, which are also very important and beneficial for good health.

  • Plan family outings and vacations that include activities such as swimming, hiking, cycling etc.
  • When playing golf, walk instead of using the golf cart.
  • Go to beach and talk a brisk walk.
  • Engage in physical exercise while listening to your favorite music.
  • Play games such as tennis and basketball.

Benefits of Physical Activity

  • Physical activity reduces the risk of diseases such as heart stroke, diabetes and breast cancer.
  • In economic terms it reduces the costs of health care, increased productivity and social environment.
  • It reduces body weight, prevents obesity and reduces symptoms of depression.
  • It helps in providing recreational enjoyment and reduces violence, thus enabling people to maintain peace and harmony in life.

To conclude, it can be said that to improve ones health and to stay fit, regular physical activity is very necessary. It not only helps you to stay healthy and improves your health but also provides recreational activity which is equally necessary for your mental health.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Eating smart holds the key to live a better and healthy life. Eating smart not only means eating good food but also eating a variety of foods. Eating smart refers to identify specific steps to improve eating habits and managing your weight as well as adopting habits that make you live a healthier and longer life.
Planning Your Diet

To eat smart and achieve better health, you need to eat a variety of foods. It is important to eat foods of all kinds as each food provides specific nutrients that are necessary for good health. To maintain good health, all things should be taken in a balanced amount and eaten according to the needs of the body. To perform different functions, our body needs different food items which help it to function normally and in this context, we should eat smartly to achieve a better health.
Food Groups

Food stuff can be divided in 5 groups which provide different kinds of nutrition value needed to make a healthy diet.
Meat Group

It provides iron, zinc, proteins and vitamin B.
Vegetable Group

It contains vitamin C, A folate and fiber.
Fruit Group

It is the source of vitamin A, C, potassium, folate and fiber.
Milk Group

It provides calcium, protein, vitamin D and vitamin A.
Bread group

It is needed for carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin B.
How Much Food Should Be Taken?

A meal that contains all kinds of food stuffs can be called a balanced diet. A variety of everything should be there to make it a healthy diet. Proteins and calcium are very important for bones and muscles, while carbohydrates and vitamins are very necessary as they provide energy to the body. Proteins and calcium are the building blocks of the body and resist all kinds of illnesses if taken in proportion, while carbohydrates and minerals are the working force that give strength to body.

Things to Be Avoided

* Too much fatty foods
* Junk food should be avoided
* Use low quantity oil while cooking, try using vegetable oils like olive and canola

Tips to Eating Smart

* Start the day with breakfast
* Start meals with low calorie foods such as soups or salads
* Drink water through out the day and also before meals
* Use vegetables with meat
* Use cereals and whole grain foods to provide carbohydrates as they provide fuel to body
* Cook in non stick pots and pans as they need less oil and reduce risk of burning.
* Try to boil or bake food instead of frying.

In short, it can be said that eating smart is the only way along with exercise and activities to keep good health. Eating smart not only keeps one healthy but also provides one all the necessary ingredients to avoid different problems and illnesses.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Awakening from the better sleep make you feel full of peaceful mind.So before you reach for the sleeping pills, read this article and try these simple tips. Barring any medical condition that might be keeping you awake or disturbing your normal sleep pattern, these tips can help aid you in getting a good night's sleep!

First tip

The last thing you need at bedtime or at a time close to it, is a stimulant. Stimulants include caffeine which is commonly found in most coffee,soda pop, and chocolate candy. Drink or eat these caffeinated foodstuffs only in the daytime or in the early evening hours as long as your bedtime is a few hours away.

Second tip

Do try drinking a glass of milk before you go to bed. Believe it or not, milk does really have a soothing effect on some people, and may help produce sweet dreams for you tonight. (And no, it doesn't have to be warm to be effective, but you can heat it up if you want to.)

Third tip

Is your bed mattress comfortable? How about your pillow? Lay down on your bed and pillow and give them an honest self-test. Is your mattress actually too hard or soft for your body? If you share your bed with a partner, are you sleeping on a mattress that's too soft because they prefer it? If that's the case,you can easily remedy the situation by measuring half of the bed. Then, get a piece of plywood the exact size of the measurements you took. Simply slide the plywood underneath your side of the bed, and presto! Your side of the bed is firmer, while your mate's side is still as soft as he or she prefers it.

Fourth tip

What about the rest of your bedroom? Is it conducive to getting a good night's sleep? A bedroom setting should be peaceful and quiet. If traffic noise or other outside noise disturbs you, you might try turning a fan on. This will help drown out unwanted noise and commotion that might keep you from sleeping soundly. You can also try turning a radio on with a timer that you can program. It will play for a specified period of time while you relax your mind and body. (Naturally, you should tune in a station that plays a relaxing type of music.)

If you don't mind investing the money, you can buy a machine that creates "white noise." This machine drowns out all other noise so that you can fall asleep undisturbed.

Is your bedroom dark enough? Do street lights stream through the windows and interfere with your sleep? If this is a problem, purchase window shades or blinds or heavy drapes and install them in all of the windows.

On the other hand, is it too dark in your bedroom? Some people would rather have a little light in their bedroom, and for these "light" sleepers, a nightlight or small lamp is the perfect solution.

Last tip

Is your mind full of worries and concerns? Try this simple excercise: pretend that your mind is a chalk board. Every time a worrisome thought enters your mind, pretend that it is written on the chalk board, and immediately erase it. Keep erasing these thoughts as they pop up and refuse to think about them until tomorrow.