Friday, August 3, 2007


Baldness! scarry......,find the fact :,

One of the first practices to be adopted for individuals who wish to take care of their hair is the use of gentle hair products which may include mild or baby shampoos. The use of such simple and gentle products has an equally gentle effect, and it certainly goes a long way in preventing dryness of both the hair quality and the scalp regions.

The second practices to be adopted is the use of soft combs and brushes and use them carefully and gently. Here too, the use of soft brushes such as baby's brush allows the scalp and the hair to both remain soft and tender. The use of wide-toothed combs is recommended as compared to the thinly toothed, as it minimizes the loss of hair that is otherwise broken due to the use of hard and thin comb.

An important aspect for protecting the hair is the continuous use of hairnet, soft cap or turban while asleep. This particularly helps in protecting any weak hair from breaking or falling off as the head is constantly brushed against the pillow.

It is common for women as well as men to use hair-dryers (particularly when one is getting late for work every morning), and heaters to dry the wet hair. Various studies have proved that the excessive hair dryers and heaters for the hair not only weaken the hair, these practices also make the hair weaker in the long run.

As a result the weaker have the tendency to fall of or break at a pace faster than normal hair. Hence, it is suggested that the use of hair-dryers and heaters be minimized, if not eliminated altogether.

In similar context, it has also been observed that women as well as men make excessive use of hair rollers, and plaiting them to give the hair a curly look. Both the practice of plaiting as well as use of rollers significantly weaken the hair, and creates tendencies to break.

Health, though taking the last suggestion is not the least of important. As a correct and balanced diet can greatly help in strong and healthy hair growth, as well as prevent baldness. So are the factors of stress and use of alcohol, both of which too are found to have a detrimental affect on the healthy growth of hair, hence they must be minimized, if not totally eliminated.

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