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According to doctors and health practitioners, one should try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily in order to achieve good health. Exercise not only keeps us fit but also reduces the risk of many fatal diseases such as blood pressure and heart stroke. Exercise can be any form of physical activity such as walking, swimming or cycling.

Any activity that increases your heart rate and makes you slightly out of breath can be called exercise. Daily exercise can be a part of ones regular routine as well as something that one does in order to keep fit. Exercise can also be carried out in form of daily chores or any other activity that one likes.

In order to stay healthy and maintain better health, doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. 30 minutes is the minimum time to gain health benefits. However, one is not compelled to do all at once; it can be done in short periods with rest in between to avoid exertion.
Different Modes of Exercise

Exercise does not mean to exert yourself or forcefully do what you do not like. It can be an activity which you like and enjoy. It can range from walking to swimming to hiking or cycling. It can also be some household chore that you enjoy doing.

Exercise can be made more fun when it is carried out with some one else. A game of badminton or tennis could be played with a partner giving a healthy exercise to both.
Benefits of Daily Exercise

Daily exercise, besides providing many benefits, saves one from many illnesses and problems. Giving 30 minutes to daily exercise can not only lead to better health but also provide a short period of peace and recreation.

* It helps in reducing weight.
* It helps in keeping stress and depression away, as it is a good way to work out.
* Helps in burning extra calories and fats.
* The risk of heart diseases and angina is reduced with the help of exercise. Exercise is good for heart muscles and reduces risk factor.
* Exercise helps in maintaining normal blood pressure and cholesterol level.
* Regular exercise helps to prevent osteoporosis in women and strengthens the bones.
* Regular exercise is very effective in reducing the chance of colon (bowel) cancer as well as breast cancer in women.
* For older people it helps in maintaining their balance, especially if they exercise regularly.

Some benefits guide :

When you start planning an exercise, it is very important to keep in mind your health and age. If needed, you should also consult your doctor about which exercise suits you most and how you should do it.

* People suffering from heart diseases should ask their doctor before starting to minimize any risk.
* Some injury may occur due to repetitive use of the same exercise.
* If you have a joint or bone problem, you should stick to light exercise or consult a trainer.

In short, taking at least 30 minutes out of your life for exercise is very necessary, as exercise helps in maintaining your health as well as prevents many other problems. However, exercise should be done keeping in mind the problems you have previously faced and follow limits.

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