Tuesday, April 15, 2008


To reduce the risk of diseases and illnesses, regular physical activity is one of the most important things. Physical activity helps in maintaining a healthy physique, controlling weight and strengthening the muscles, bones and joints. However, physical activity should be carefully planned keeping in mind the age of the individual.

Any activity that includes physical movement of the body and helps to maintain fitness level can be referred as physical activity. Regular physical activity improves your health as it can help in prevention of diseases such as blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

It is not true that physical activity means all work and no play; it can be made interesting by introducing the activities you enjoy and can carry out easily. Physical activity should be planned on daily or regular basis.

Various Types of Physical Activity

Physical activity can be chosen according to your age and taste. It can be anything from swimming to cycling on a stationary bike. It can also be taking a long and brisk walk or lifting weights as well as playing games such as badminton or baseball.

Physical Activity in Daily Life

It is very convenient to follow a regular physical activity routine in your daily life. In can be adapted according to the environment in which you live.

At Home

  • For people who stay at home, it is convenient and easy to work out. Exercise can be combined with other activities as well such as watching TV or talking on the phone.
  • Do the housework yourself, instead of hiring others to do it.
  • Take a short walk before every meal. Start with 5 to 10 minutes and work up to more.
  • Take a short walk inside your house for getting or placing things.
  • Take a short walk to nearby places or shops instead of driving.
  • Walk the dog.

At Office

Try to avoid sitting on your seat all day long. Try to include some physical activity in your schedule or spent some time walking around.

  • Stand while talking on the phone.
  • Take stairs instead of elevators.
  • Walk down to office instead of using the phone.
  • Get off the bus at a block before yours and walk home.
  • Take a walk during the lunch hour, before or after lunch.

How to Arrange Physical Activity

Physical activity can be arranged in form of play and recreation, which are also very important and beneficial for good health.

  • Plan family outings and vacations that include activities such as swimming, hiking, cycling etc.
  • When playing golf, walk instead of using the golf cart.
  • Go to beach and talk a brisk walk.
  • Engage in physical exercise while listening to your favorite music.
  • Play games such as tennis and basketball.

Benefits of Physical Activity

  • Physical activity reduces the risk of diseases such as heart stroke, diabetes and breast cancer.
  • In economic terms it reduces the costs of health care, increased productivity and social environment.
  • It reduces body weight, prevents obesity and reduces symptoms of depression.
  • It helps in providing recreational enjoyment and reduces violence, thus enabling people to maintain peace and harmony in life.

To conclude, it can be said that to improve ones health and to stay fit, regular physical activity is very necessary. It not only helps you to stay healthy and improves your health but also provides recreational activity which is equally necessary for your mental health.

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