Monday, April 21, 2008

ARTHRITIS - To control it

Joints and bones are very important structures in the human body. The physical activity of every individual is dependent on the proper functioning of the joints and bones. Therefore, in order to produce strong and healthy bones, from the early days of pregnancy and the birth and the growth of a child till the whole life, a balance source of calcium, iron, proteins and carbohydrates are recommended by experts and doctors.

However, deficiency of these elements in human body results to serious bone disorders and various chronic joint problems for instance, arthritis that damages the functioning of the bones and joints of individuals.

Arthritis - A Serios Bone Disorder

Basically arthritis is a very serious bone disorder, which can result into the swelling and pain in the joints. Consequently, a person starts loosing its ability to work and act according to his desires. Since, arthritis is a very chronic bone disorder but it does not come into notice at its early stages.

However, the various symptoms of arthritis include the swelling of the joints, stiffness and sometimes pain. Moreover, the pain related to arthritis is not a continuous and all time pain. Where some patients of arthritis feel constant pain in their joints while other feel pain some times.

Various Types Of Arthritis

Since human body consists of various joints, therefore, arthritis can be on any of these joints. However, the symptoms and causes of arthritis vary from joint to joint.

Therefore, arthritis could be of any type, which includes the shoulder joint, elbow joint, hip joint, wrist joint, knee joint and ankle joint as well as foot joint. For instance the causes of shoulder arthritis is related to a special kind of arthritis known as “Osteoarthritis”, where the causes of osteoarthritis is not necessary due to any injury to the shoulder, as it does not bare any weight of the body.

The basic cause leading to shoulder arthritis is any injury occurring to the shoulder bone and shoulder joints. However, failure in the easy and active movement of the shoulder identifies the future threat of shoulder arthritis.

On the other hand, arthritis related to the hip joints is resulted out of other causes. Amongst the two major causes of hip arthritis, the most common cause is the replacement of hip joint also known as the wear and tear arthritis.

However, the wearing and tearing of the hip from the actual joint may also be caused due to the genetically inherited capacity of an individual. Moreover, experts also identify vascular necrosis to be another important and serious causes leading to the degeneration of the hip joint. On the other hand, it is also observed that various abnormalities during the child hood period in relation to the hip joint may also cause the wearing of the hip joint, which results to the hip arthritis.

Since arthritis pain is caused due to different reasons like the swelling of the joint tissues as well as the tendons or ligament muscles get exhausted and feel strain. At the same time the nature and causes of pain of arthritis is different in every individual, which depend upon the activities and life styles of every individual. Therefore, one cannot blame any one source to be the cause of arthritis pain.

However, different individuals experience different emotional as well as physical effects due to the chronic pain of arthritis. For instance some patients’ get depressed and experience hypersensitivity, some people experience extreme anxiety and some only suffer the physical pain of arthritis.

Treatments For Arthritis

So in order to manage and control the pain of arthritis, one should evoke its will power and be willing to cooperate the doctor for the treatment. With out the patient’s mental and emotional involvement and cooperation, the physician cannot alone do any effective treatment for arthritis. Therefore, from the initial stage of the treatment to the complete cure of the problem, the patient needs to fully cooperate with its physician and follow the various instructions of the doctor.

Therefore, it is recommended individuals identifying any of the symptoms of the various kinds of arthritis, to consult a professional or physician or any medical expert in the field of treating arthritis with out wasting any time.

Though the treatment of arthritis and controlling as well as managing the pain of arthritis is not possible to achieve by the doctors effort alone and requires the active participation of the patient as well.

But at the same time, in order to achieve more successful results while managing and controlling arthritis, one should consult a physician as soon he/she identifies any of the symptoms of the problems because delay might further the complications.

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