Thursday, June 7, 2007


People nowadays are quite aware or rarely aware of their health. So, if we say that children or adults or teens do not count the disorder would happen because it is to early to judge. We can get sick when we are old or ageing.Why we do thinking so..? As current living in this millenium we must notice that food materials or producst are not quite in better quality standard ( if the certain producer just concern about profit alone ) so,what we can see that or hear there are many younger people easily fall sick when they consume the food.Why?

As we know this 21st century,all people chasing better profit,wealth,luxurious stuff,money and etc,so some of kind greedy manufacturer or food producer didnt care of health disorder subsequently. They can put additional fake ingredients in making food,prohibited materials,toxicity ( even a few drops) ,excessive sorts of nutrient ( lead to health disorder ).

Early diagnoses is important for certain person if they find sign of discomfort in their body.Doesn't matter if the symptoms are not threaten much on your health..maybe you get lite fever,flue,skin rashes,dizziness,numbness and etc. Early diagnoses maybe can trace another bad sign of health disorder and on the spot you can get alert and find the remedy. Actually as we all do know, cancer is a silent killer for the people,they do not know well its early sign and assume nothing happen and then let it gone be by gone.But subsequently without known we are affected further and for should be too late to us to seek cure.

Lastly, don't delay to diagnose your health and love your body.

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