Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Stress is something we all have as human beings. How we deal with the stress however is a major part of what people need to learn.

There are many things that cause stress. Stress is in all classes of people, high class right down to low class. Some might think that low class have more stress, but in recent studies the stress lower class people have are far less than higher class people. Many of the things people stress out about vary, but the most common things are work, money, and family.

When stress builds and builds inside a person, it becomes a stress ball. If a person keeps adding to that ball, it gets bigger and bigger, and eventually is going to get too big and will burst. Preventing that burst will not only let you live a longer life, it will make the people around you happier.

Once a person gets incredibly stressed out, the heart beats faster, causing an erratic heart beat in some people. Most generally older males in the age range from late 30's to mid 60's. It would also cause stress on the muscles of the heart, making them more suspectiable to heart attacks. In women stress has been known to lead to psycotic disorers, most commonly manic depression . A person often relates anxitey attacks to stress. They are not closely related, but do have something to do with eachother. Other symptoms of stress would include headaches, backaches, hot flashes, cold flashes, muscles pains, chestpains and various other things.

In order to alleviate some stress, have a pet. Cats are known to help bring stress levels way down. Another way to bring stress down is listening to calming music, such as Enya, while siting or laying in a dark room. Taking a drive or removing yourself from a stressful situation is also helpful. Having a "stress buddy", someone to talk to about common stress, also helps a lot. Most importantly though staying calm in an uncalm situation is helpful. Try counting to 10 or maybe even 20 will help keep you in check.

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