Friday, June 8, 2007


Not all cure of sickness or diseases starting from medical but some therapy will give benefit too for example mind-body techniques. Mind-body techniques are based on the theory that mental and emotional factors can influence physical health.Behavioral,psychologic,social and spiritual methods are used to preserve health and prevent or cure disease. Because of the abundance of scientific evidence backing the benefits of mind-body techniques,many of the approaches are now considered main stream. Methods such as relaxation,cognitive behavioral therapy meditation,imagery,biofeedback and hypnosis,for example are used in the treatment of coronary artery disease,headaches,difficulty sleeping ( insomnia) and loss of urinary control.

Mind-body techniques are also used in the treatment of high blood pressure,asthma,,arthritis,pain and ringing in the ears ( tinnitus ) although with less success. There are few known risks associated with the use of mind-body techniques.Among of them are meditation,relaxation techniques,guided imagery,hypnotherapy and biofeedback.

I’ll bring you all of all these techniques further soon and be smile always cause smile can considered as a cure factor too.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me for high blood

Meor Shukri said...

Bagus tips anda. Lepas diagnose tu, mai release tension kat blog saya, tgk cam ner magic trick yg. anda sendiri boleh buat sebenarnya. Dianose minda kita....